INDIA Orphanage Project
Join us and help support the orphans of Agripalli, India!
This past year we traveled to India, the birthplace of yoga, where something magical happened. For one week we had the privilege of offering our services to 45 children living in an orphanage called St Paul's Educational & Welfare Association in the remote village of Agripalli. For one week, we became the students of these tiny yoga masters with dusty feet, tattered clothing and huge smiling faces. While working they taught us patience as we sought ways to improve the water system and reroute their sewage lines so there would be clean running water. They showed us how to be disciplined as each child, even the youngest 4 and 5 year olds, rose at dawn without complaint to complete their chores of washing, sweeping, and preparing breakfast before school or play began. And with utter grace, they were crowded in the water trenches digging joyously with us while battling an intense heat that would have leveled any Bikram yoga practitioner to the ground!

In yoga, we are constantly seeking to wake-up and become mindful. In the routine of our daily lives, few are rarely given the opportunity of a different perspective from which to view the world. The children from this orphanage in Agripalli have inspired us to wake up and develop a new continuing initiative that will positively affect their young lives as well as create rewarding outreach experiences for others..

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The money you donate will be directly used to benefit the children at the Agripalli orphanage.

Your contribution will be used for things like:

Food--Each of these children is in need of nutritious food. Rice is served at every meal, including breakfast because it is the cheapest type of food available. The children are offered a watery vegetable broth to accompany the rice but there is never any protein available to them. The orphanage is currently seeking to purchase 2 water buffalo that will provide milk to the children on a daily basis.

Medicine--In poorer regions in India, the unsanitary conditions and lower nutritional standards leave many people vulnerable to infections and diseases that then become worse because they go untreated because of a lack of resources. The orphanage does not currently have the money to address each child's specific medical needs.

School Supplies--The school and orphanage are on the same property and the children can walk to the adjacent building to attend class. However, there are no desks or chairs and the children must sit on the floor and look up to see the chalkboard. Not every child has adequate books, paper, or writing supplies. Many must share supplies or go without which significantly impacts their attention and retention levels for learning.

The cost of sponsoring a child and providing these and other basic necessities is only $20 per child per month. That is approximately $240 per child per year.

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